Sabian Grip Disc Practice Pad


Practicing your paradiddles just got a whole lot easier, Just put it in your stick bag and GO!

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Practicing your paradiddles just got a whole lot easier. The Grip Disc from SABIAN Performance Accessories allows you to practice anywhere, any time, on almost any surface. The secret is the Grip Disc’s sticky back technology, which allows you to place the Grip Disc on a surface, play, and lift up again without leaving any unsightly marks. If the Grip Disc gets dirty…no sweat. It can be easily washed off and is ready again to stick and play. At 6” diameter, the Grip Disc is easily transportable.



UNBOUND — it’s an attitude. Rebellious, breaking the mold, living the music. It’s drummers. Knowing you make the music we celebrate dissonance. Unbound forges cymbals like the Holy China, and Omni into the world. UNBOUND is every day.   We won’t compromise. And are glad our handmade cymbals are scarce. We are not for everybody. You bleed music. We bleed drumming. SABIAN cymbals are unique and living things. We age our cymbals because they mature. Drummers always look for what’s next. We do to. So never ask for permission. Unbound by rules


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