PRS HDRX 1×12 Speaker Cabinet Closed Back


PRS HDRX speaker cabinets feature a closed-back design, delivering full-spectrum sound. The Celestion V-type speakers offer a balanced, vintage tone with crisp highs and airy lows. This speaker cabinet is expressive (not boxy) and an ideal pairing with PRS HDRX heads. And with black covering and salt and pepper British-style knitted weave grill cloth and PRS signature logo, PRS HDRX cabinets are a handsome accompaniment as well.

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Covering – Black
Grill Cloth – Salt and Pepper British-Style Knitted Weave


Celestion V-Type

Cabinet Impedance – 16 Ohms

Power Handling – 70 Watts


Cabinet Width – 24”
Cabinet Depth – 10.5″
Cabinet Height – 18″
Cabinet Weight – 43 lbs

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Weight 20 kg


PRS - Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith

This passion for quality affects not only the work habits of individuals but also the structure of the whole company. Paul Smith: “We’re not organized like other companies. Every PRS craftsperson is a self-contained quality control ‘department.’ They have a lot of authority over their work, and if a guitar falls short in any way, they don’t pass it on to the next stage, and they make that decision themselves. They hand guitars back and forth all the time, and they inspect everything over and over. It’s like an old European guild or a shop. There’s a constant ‘is this good enough?’ conversation out there on the factory floor. So the quality control begins at the workbench. It’s not something we overlay or tack on. It’s an integral, organic part of the process, beginning with design and materials selection and going through every single step in construction and testing.”


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