Leho LMUT-MM Tenor Ukulele


The already famous MM series cleverly combines the practical economy of rigid laminate construction without sacrificing musical response, given this full-body arch back design. For the price point, MM is the perfect step-up instrument for many players who are keen to own a well built ukulele model that inherently sounds “excellent”; and will indeed survive the long haul.

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Many LEHO Hand-Builders and Finishers have 15-20 years experience EACH in the ART of stringed instrument construction and most are also, true musicians themselves! With an ear and a heart to what makes a REAL instrument and to what does not, LEHO artisans continue to uniquely offer you the “crème-de-la-crème” with each and every stringed instrument that proudly boasts the precious and coveted LEHO logo… Everyone at LEHO cordially invites YOU to “Enjoy the Music” with us. Always improving and always leading, your best possible investment in your next personal-music-partner is of course, and dependably, only “LEHO.” We all, Warmly Welcome YOU to the New World of LEHO…


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