PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 15W Tube Amp Head


The MT 15 is a commanding two channel amp with balanced aggression and articulation. Now upgraded with JJs 5881 power tubes, the MT 15 punches above its weight class with a large, bold sound, so you can dig in heavy with rhythms but also get singing lead tones out of one amp. Whether recording, practicing, writing, or playing a small room, this amp has everything you need. The MT 15’s design started with heavier players in mind, but in the end, it has a lot to offer players of all genres. Like the PRS Archon amplifier, the MT 15 features five gain stages before the Master for full, lush distortion. The gain channel gets big, chunky tone with massive, tight low end, but it never loses its articulate note definition or great lead tone. The clean channel is bright and chimey, good with chords and fingerstyle playing – whether with a pic or not. The clean channel also features a push/pull boost control that adds a little overdrive for old school crunch. No matter what tone you dial in, the MT 15 stays balanced across the spectrum with a sweet, smooth tone that won’t bite your head off.

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PRS Mark Tremonti Signature MT15 15W Tube Amp Head


Available Configurations Head
Wattage 15/7 (Switchable)
Lead Channel Master Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
Clean Channel Bass, Middle, Volume, Treble (with pull boost)
Global Controls Presence
Inlet Fused Power Inlet (IEC)
Effects Loop Series, Tube Driven
Bias Fixed Bias, Adjustable (bias jacks accessible from back panel)
Extension Speaker Jacks 3
Ohm Switching (2) 8 ohm, (1) 16 ohm
Channels Lead & Clean
Power Tubes (2) 5881
Preamp Tubes (6) JJ EC83S
V1 Input
V2 Clean
V3 & V4 Lead
V5 Loop
V6 Phase Inverter
Amp Width 14″
Amp Depth 9″
Amp Height 10″ (with feet)
Amp Weight 17.8 lbs
Included Accessories 1-Button Footswitch (Channel Gain/Clean), Amp Cover

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PRS - Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith

This passion for quality affects not only the work habits of individuals but also the structure of the whole company. Paul Smith: “We’re not organized like other companies. Every PRS craftsperson is a self-contained quality control ‘department.’ They have a lot of authority over their work, and if a guitar falls short in any way, they don’t pass it on to the next stage, and they make that decision themselves. They hand guitars back and forth all the time, and they inspect everything over and over. It’s like an old European guild or a shop. There’s a constant ‘is this good enough?’ conversation out there on the factory floor. So the quality control begins at the workbench. It’s not something we overlay or tack on. It’s an integral, organic part of the process, beginning with design and materials selection and going through every single step in construction and testing.”


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