D’Addario Instrument Care Essentials Kit


D’Addario Instrument Care Essentials, 3-Step Polishing System, D’Addario Item PW-GCB-01.

Includes Restore Detailer (1oz bottle), Protect Guitar Wax (1oz bottle), Shine Spray Cleaner (2oz pump bottle), Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner (1oz bottle), Polishing Cloth.

D’Addario’s Instrument Care Essentials gives you everything you need to keep your instrument’s finish looking as great as the day you got it.

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• Restore (step 1): cuts through the toughest grime and restores swirl marks and minor scratches
• Protect (step 2): produces a distinct radiance with quick-and-easy application
• Shine (step 3): erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, while colour enhancers bring out your instrument’s beauty
• Hydrate: a unique formula of oils and cleaners that restores the character of dark natural wood fingerboards, leaving a clean, fast, and glowing surface
• Polishing Cloth: high-quality double napped cotton flannel



WE MAKE THE INSTRUMENT Whether you're a shredder or a tenor, the backbeat of a band or the leader of a symphony, we make the tools that make your instrument perform on a higher level. While our family has been in the business of making strings since the 17th century, we've expanded into every form of music—from woodwinds to percussion, orchestral to all fretted instruments. Our boundless curiosity and pioneering spirit continue to fuel our belief that there's a better sound, a better product out there. So you can keep pushing music–and your instrument–into exciting, unexpected, and extraordinary places.


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