Bugera Trirec Infinium Guitar Amp Head


100-Watt 3-Channel Tube Amplifier Head with INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier, Tri-Mode Rectifier, Reverb and VARIPOWER
  • Hand-built and hand-wired 100-Watt Class A/B amplifier driven by 4 x 6L6 tubes (now fully compatible with EL34 and 5881, etc.)
  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology: Extends the life of your amplifier expensive power tubes up to 20 times. Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes No need for expensive matched tube sets Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands Monitors performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes to allow for easy and individual replacement
  • 3 fully independent channels with switchable killer voicings (Classic, Vintage and Modern) featuring 5 x 12AX7 tubes
  • 3 unique rectifier modes featuring 2 x 5U4 tubes and silicon diodes for ultimate performance
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated Reverb control
  • VARIPOWER control allows the maximum power to be seamlessly scaled down to produce a cranked amp sound at much lower volumes
  • Dedicated Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence and Volume controls per channel for awesome sound shaping
  • Adjustable and remote controllable Boost function for ultimate punch when playing leads
  • Heavy-duty 6-button footswitch for channel selection, Boost, Reverb and FX Loop function included–doubles as MIDI IN / THRU for complete MIDI remote switching
  • Manual or auto-assignable FX Loop with independent Send and Return level controls
  • External Switching connectors for remote control of channel selection, Boost, Reverb and FX Loop
  • Line output with dedicated Level control
  • Multi-impedance output connectors (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany

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Tubes can be mined for an enormous palette of tones, but most of our competitors’ amps only provide a master volume control and a single choice of tubes, making it all but impossible to experience these varieties at anything less than titanic volumes. Meet the 100-Watt TRIREC INFINIUM – an all-tube, 3-channel tone-machine with a sophisticated VARIPOWER control that scales the output from 1 – 100 Watts, for sweet power tube saturation at apartment and stage-friendly volume levels. Plus the TRIREC INFINIUM’s onboard high-definition Reverb puts the ideal finishing touch to your most-awesome solos and rhythm chops.

The TRIREC INFINIUM gives you 3 fully-independent preamp channels (Classic, Vintage and Modern) – each with a wide array of sonic options, internal reverb, an adjustable and remote switchable boost, an FX loop, and three rectifier modes to choose from (tube, silicon diode, tube and silicon diode). Feel like experiencing a power tube variety besides 6L6? INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology not only extends the lifespan of your output tubes, it allows you to run all 6L6s, 6550s, EL34s, or you can mix any combination of the above to create your own signature tone.

Classic All-Tube Design

The TRIREC INFINIUM features true Class-A/B technology with a 5 x 12AX7 front-end and 4 x 6L6 tube power stage. A masterfully crafted all-tube amplifier, the TRIREC INFINIUM provides excellent heavy-rock tone with natural tube compression, yielding the sweet distortion and break-up you’ve come to love from the guitar icons who made rock ‘n’ roll history!

INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier

Technology years in the making, our INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology can extend the usable lifespan of your amplifier’s expensive power tubes by up to 20 times, saving you huge money and ensuring the integrity of your tone. How? This revolutionary circuit automatically and continuously monitors the performance of each output tube, and dynamically drives it towards the target operating point, for an evenly distributed load. INFINIUM also compensates for the effects of aging, automatically adjusting current levels to keep your tubes sounding as good as new – even when AC line voltages drop below nominal levels. Similar technology has been used for decades in all-wheel drive cars, where systems modulate the power going to each wheel to improve traction. Just consider the TRIREC INFINIUM as “4-wheel drive” for your guitar.

The TRIREC INFINIUM takes all the guesswork out of tube replacement by illuminating an LED next to a tube that is reaching the end of its usable lifespan. And thanks to the TRIREC INFINIUM’s Auto-Bias design, you simply replace the indicated tube – without a trip to the repair shop, saving you even more money.

Available exclusively from BUGERA, INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology is a major breakthrough in amplifier design and manufacture, providing incredible reliability for your stage performance and more consistent sound over the lifespan of your tubes. Since they are always operating at optimal levels, your output tubes perform more predictably and last much longer, thanks to BUGERA’s marvelous INFINIUM Technology, saving you some serious money!


Rectifiers convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), giving your guitar amp the power it needs to rock. Most of today’s amps feature solid-state rectifiers, which have high power output and tight bass response. But many guitarists prefer tube-based rectifiers, which are known for their “sag” effect. This basically means that when you slam a chord, it doesn’t reach its full volume immediately – but starts with a solid initial impact that quickly blooms into a classic-rock ultimatum. With the TRIREC INFINIUM, both breeds of rectifier are alive and well in the same amp – and you can even use them both at the same time! Choose Silicon Diodes for high power and tight bass; Tubes (2 x 5U4 tubes) for lower power, and that Holy Grail of Blues sag; or a combination of the two, called Tubes & Diodes for medium-powered operation – spiked with equal parts of punch and vintage grace.

Good Things Come In Threes

Three is a recurring number when it comes to the incredible features of the TRIREC INFINIUM. There are 3 preamp channels, each with 3-band EQ, Presence, Volume and Gain controls. Channel 1 gives you pristine cleans and a Drive setting for a dynamic crunch tone. Channels 2 and 3 give you three overdrive modes: Classic for blues and classic rock sounds; Vintage for more gain for hard rock; and Modern for pure, high-gain metal. Five 12AX7 tubes give the TRIREC INFINIUM’s preamp the mojo to cover this vast tonal palette. The output stage contains 4 x 6L6 tubes (convertible to 4 x EL34 tubes, not included).

High-Definition Reverb

Adding to its impressive list of tone-shaping options, the TRIREC INFINIUM’s onboard high-definition Reverb puts the ideal finishing touch on your most-awesome solos and rhythm chops. Adjustable via the dedicated control on the front panel, you can finally achieve any sound you desire – from a subtle touch, to the cavernous, natural-sounding reverberation of a large arena.


There’s nothing like the roaring “soft-clip” sound of saturated power tubes, but these tones are normally accessible only when an amp’s volume is cranked to the limit. Unfortunately, this kind of volume isn’t an option in your apartment at 3:00 AM, or if you’re gigging in a tiny club. That’s why the TRIREC INFINIUM features the VARIPOWER rotary control, which adjusts output power anywhere between 1 and 100 Watts. Whether you’re trying to record a searing solo without waking the neighbors, or bringing a standing-room-only crowd to its feet at the biggest gig of your life, the TRIREC INFINIUM is always ready to provide the sound of overdriven-tube fury.

The Back Story

The TRIREC INFINIUM’s incredible tonal variations make it a recording studio gem, but it also has the features that make it equally amazing on stage. The back panel features a Line Out jack with dedicated Level knob for sending signal to a slave amp, as well as Loudspeaker jacks with switchable impedance (16, 8 or 4 Ohms), making this amplifier compatible with virtually any speaker cabinet.

The built-in FX Loop has controls for adjusting the Send and Return levels separately. The associated Assign knob provides 4 states: FX loop is always on; has an individual status per channel; is activated via the footswitch or External Switching jack – and finally, Off . The External Switching jacks allow individual channel switching, Boost, Reverb and FX Loop to be controlled by an external switching system. This is also where you’ll find the connection for the dedicated FSB106A footswitch, which includes a MIDI IN /THRU connectivity for controlling the TRIREC INFINIUM in sync with your MIDI setup.

Footswitch Included

You have all the tools you need, right out of the box! We include a heavy-duty heavy-duty 6-button footswitch for channel selection, Boost, Reverb and FX Loop function, which also doubles as MIDI IN / THRU port for complete MIDI remote switching. You can control your tone, right from your pedalboard – allowing your focus to remain on your performance.

Rectify Your Tone

“Heavy” is a relative term. The walls of amps at Woodstock? Heavy. The stacks used in modern rock? Colossally heavy. Yet neither flavor of heavy shows any sign of going out of style. The amazing, 100-Watt TRIREC INFINIUM redefines the term, thanks to: 3 fully-independent, 12AX7 preamp channels (Classic, Vintage and Modern), each with 3-band EQ, Presence, Volume and Gain controls; high-definition Reverb; adjustable and remotely switchable Boost function and FX Loop; 3 rectifier modes (Tube, Silicon Diode, Tube & Silicon Diode) and more. Plus, our INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology extends the lifespan of your valuable output tubes, and allows you to run all 6L6s, 6550s, EL34s, or you mix-and-match them to create your own signature tone.

Harness the power of tube-based rectifiers or silicon diodes in a single amp, or combine them for the best of both world’s – with the awesome TRIREC INFINIUM.



The Soul of Tubes.

We at Bugera believe that the magic of tubes is what makes your guitar sing, your amp scream and your imagination overflow. Major artists include Lee Ritenour, Michael Ripoll, Bridgid Bibbens, etc. Founded in 2000, Bugera’s name is an exclusive guitar and bass amplifier brand dedicated to vacuum tube and hybrid designs. Proprietary “Infinium” technology dramatically extends the life span of your tubes and protects your stage performance. We obsessively focus on our Customers in the Musician and Recording verticals. Based in Willich, Germany, Bugera is an incredibly passionate and experienced team of musicians, engineers and other amazing talents.


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